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Sweet Potato Cheesecake

Unique Single Serving Portion

No Artificial Ingredients!
Melts in Your Mouth!


Chocolate Decadence!

Sold in a Four Pack

Three Core Ingredients - No Fillers


Your Won't Believe How Good It Tastes!

New York-Style Cheesecake

The Perfect Dessert!

No Preservatives - Hand Made


Lemon Cheesecake

No Preservatives

Three (3) core ingredients with no fillers


If Your First Love Is Cheesecake -
Try Our Handcrafted Individual Gourmet Desserts
With "Luv" in Every Recipe!

Orders accepted after March 1, 2016; Orders shipped after April 1, 2016

 The Black-N-Gold Cheesecake Company (BNG) is a marketing, sales and distribution company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Allegheny County. In 1973, J.T. Thomas was the #1 draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers, earning Pro Bowl honors as a cornerback and was a member of the legendary Steel Curtain that won 4 Super Bowls. J.T. is a former Burger King and Red Hot & Blue franchisee and the former owner / developer of the Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grill chain in western and central Pennsylvania and Morgantown West Virginia.

How It All Began...

In 1977 the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted in the 1st round Robin Cole, a linebacker from the University of New Mexico who relished and enjoyed with a cocky smile, the art of physical contact and legal abuse on the gridiron.  Silence and solitude were foreign attributes and considered frailties of the human character according to Robin.  Not only was he prophetic in his own coming attractions, but he was also convinced that everyone east of the Rockies had damaged and deceived palates.  According to Robin this resulted from the eating of cheesecakes that were created in barns with mules as oppose in the arena of elite thoroughbreds.   Bottom line, Robin had spent his formative years in his grandmother kitchen watching her cook a variety of cheesecakes, learning her techniques and confiscating her recipes.  Boasting about his cheesecakes was not only customary but a constant.    

Going into the 1977 holiday season a team dinner was organized, I was responsible for bring the desserts. The players wanted southern dessert and within my middle Georgia orientation there were only two: a peach cobbler and a sweet potato pie.  I chose the sweet potato pie.   Mr. Cole, a rookie, saw an opportunity to lead the lost out of the wilderness.  Unbeknownst to me, he arrived early to the dinner with 10 large cheesecakes and proceeded to place a slice of cheesecake on the desserts plate with the sweet potato pie.  As dessert was served, across the table I could see that cocky smile emerge as if the Red Sea had just opened.  My only comment was, “You’re crazy”.  He smiled.   Obviously, the players and guests loved getting two desserts. 

Silence began to aggravate Mr. Cole, so he decided to give me advice on how to eat my desserts.   He said, “Try eating them together, I think they like each other”.   I acquiesce and was pleasantly surprise.  He saw my expression and said, “they need to get married and have a baby”.   I responded, “You’re really crazy”.   Two months later we were in the arena (kitchen) having a shotgun wedding.   Yes, today we are very proud parents….

The Sweet Potato Cheesecake - "A Cut Above"

Our first love is cheesecakes. Our hand-crafted, individual gourmet desserts are prepared with a southern sweetness and with the most wholesome ingredients available. As you know, “luv” is put into every recipe and every recipe is a secret.

We have a laser focus when it comes to our product quality and integrity, our mission is to bring joy to all the lives we touch through our dessert products.

Our pastry chefs are dedicated to creating a compellingly different and uncompromising experience in desserting.